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Online Business: Start from Scratch or Acquire an Existing One? Key Factors to Help You Decide.


If you're looking to start an online business, you might be wondering whether it's better to start from scratch or acquire an existing one. The answer depends on many factors, including your strengths and weaknesses, the current state of the market, and how much time and money you can invest.

While there is no right or wrong answer here—it really comes down to what makes sense for your situation—let's take a look at some of the key questions that matter when deciding between these two options:

Starting from scratch

Starting an online business from scratch is a good option if you have the time and money to do so. You can build your own idea, or acquire one that already exists by purchasing an existing software package or hiring someone else's ideas.

This method has many advantages:

  • It gives you the freedom to create something unique that only you could design and that meets your own specifics needs and requirements. If this is what interests you most, then starting from scratch will be ideal for your needs.

  • You can take advantage of any new technologies as they become available (e-commerce platforms like Shopify allow anyone with basic computer skills access to cutting-edge software). This ensures that your business stays ahead of competitors who may still be using older systems in their operations--and helps ensure its longevity into the future as well.

Acquiring an existing one

If you want to start an online business but don't want to go through the hassle of starting from scratch, then acquiring an existing one is a good option for you. You can buy a profitable business that's already making money or even one that isn't making any money at all!

There are several factors that need to be considered when deciding whether or not this route is right for you:

  • You need to know how to run a business, or at least have some experience in the industry you want to enter.

  • You need money! Buying an existing business can be expensive and it may take some time before you recoup your investment.

Consider your strengths and weaknesses, as well as your capacity to invest time and money.

Regardless of the route you take, you need to think about what you are good at doing, what you enjoy doing, and how much time or money you can afford to spend on this new venture.

For example:

  • Are you passionate about the product or service? Do you know people who would benefit from it?

  • What are your strong points? Do they align with the needs of the business (e.g., marketing skills)?

  • How much money do I have available for start-up costs (e.g., equipment)? Is there any way I could leverage another's resources for free (e.g., borrowing an office)?

  • What is my level of commitment to this business? Do I have the time and energy to devote to it?

  • What are some other options I could pursue that would still allow me to use my skills and resources?

If you can answer all these questions, then you may be ready for the next step.


If your goal is to build a business from scratch, it's important to consider the type of product or service you want to offer. You should also assess whether there are enough customers in your area who will be willing to pay for this product or service at an affordable price point. After all, if no one wants what you're selling then there won't be any customers!

On the other hand, acquiring an existing business can save time and money but requires careful research into whether it makes sense financially--and if there are any hidden costs involved with buying this type of asset (like paying off debt).

Ultimately, there is no right or wrong answer - just make sure you have done your diligence into each option to make a well-informed decision!

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