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Employee recognition and feedback platform that helps companies improve employee engagement

Profitable SaaS with €76,000 in TTM



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Employee recognition and feedback platform that helps companies improve employee engagement.

Profitable SaaS with $76,000 in TTM revenue and $52,000 in TTM profit that empowers leaders and HR managers to better understand their teams while building a constructive feedback culture. This allows you to boost productivity and enhance your company's results. Customers in all continents, from well-known brands to SMEs, in several industries too.

✅ Competitors: Officevibe, Bonusly, Heytaco
✅ LTV $4000
✅ Acquisition cost $0
✅ 4.6 rating on Capterra (featured in Emerging Favorite 2023)
✅ Main acquisition source is Microsoft Teams integration

Growth Opportunity

✅ Peer-to-Peer recognition
✅ Custom Rewards
✅ Real-time employee feedback (360-degree and Private)
✅ Pulse Surveys (science-based and customizable)
✅ Employee Skills tracking
✅ Reporting / Analytics

Their competitive advantage lies in Microsoft Teams, where end-users can access all our features. With Teams being the worldwide market leader in communication, they have an edge over their competitors. By focusing on SEO, content, ads, and cold sales to promote the Recognition and Rewards value proposition in MSTeams, they can increase their growth rate even further. Additionally, pricing can be adjusted based on specific geographies.

✅ Increase digital marketing
✅ Improve conversion rates
✅ Increase content marketing
✅ Focus on SEO
✅ Increase pricing

Tech Stack

Server-side: Meteor + MongoDB
Front-end: ReactJS + Cordova (mobile apps)
Website & Blog: Typedream
Dashboard & Reporting: PowerBI

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