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E-commerce of proprietary music devices for musicians, producers and DJs

This is an amazing opportunity to buy and scale a profitable, growing e-commerce brand with €55,000 in revenue for 2022.



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The business sells proprietary music hardware for musicians, producers and DJs - devices that uniquely support music production and performance. The brand is recognisable worldwide and has thousands of clients - including famous rock stars.

Sale includes designs, processes, and deals with distributors and subcontractors.

✅ Already selling worldwide
✅ 50% of clients are US based
✅ No customer acquisition costs; organic traffic only
✅ Intellectual property over the brand and hardware in Europe
✅ Selling on Amazon UK and Thomann Music in Germany
✅ 5-star ratings on the marketplaces and on their website

Growth Opportunity:

✅ Scaling in the US into all marketplaces including Amazon: most of their organic traffic is from the US
✅ Marketing spend should easily drive increased traffic and sales, given currently zero spend on paid advertising
✅ Placing the products on more marketplaces worldwide
✅ Scaling the product catalogue

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